Product Catalogue:   AEGIS Password Protection
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Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, 8
Unofficial: Win 98/ME, NT, Server, Vista
  • 400MHz CPU
  • 500MB RAM Min
  • .NET 4.0
Version: 1.00.03     (Download Page)
Features & Specs

  • Put passwords on your programs
  • Decide when and how your programs run
  • Powerful schedule/time controls
  • In-line encryption and anti-hacker/cracker mechanisms
  • Customize your password prompts
  • and much more!
Available Screenshots

AEGIS Password Protection is the industry leader in quality program access control management.

With AEGIS, you decide when and how your applications run, and you specify the security level.

Great for home or business environments, parents who need kids off the internet or games after bedtime, employers who can't have certain apps being launched after work hours, or anyone who just can't have a third party seeing or using your software.

There is no competing brand of software on the market that even comes close to the features, friendliness, and flexibility.

  • Two Password Options
    • Password Prompt
    • Numerical Code
  • Complete Time Control
    • Decide when a program can run
    • Decide how a program can run
    • Decide if a program can run
  • Anti-Hacker/Cracker
    • RSA Encryption
    • Timeout Delays (anti-brute force tactic)
    • Failed Attempt Limiting (anti-brute force tactic)
    • Case Sensitivity
  • Customize
    • Change the look and feel of the colors
    • Change the look and feel of the display text

  • Password Protection AEGIS itself
  • & more!

To get started today and experience all of these features for yourself, download the free trial available here on this page.

Thank you for evaluating another fine AEGIS product!

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Product Information
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