AEGIS Business Licensing
This is the place to be if you operate a business or educational institution, or need multiple licenses for a home network.

Each software serial key will only unlock one copy of any AEGIS product on any one machine. However, you may need many copies for securing your workplace. Or just a couple copies for you and some friends so you can share each other's encrypted files and programs over the internet.

We offer sliding price discounts for all of our products listed at $33.33 (AEGIS Password Protection, AEGIS File Security, and AEGIS Encryption).

Bulk Purchase Discounts

1 Licensed Copy0% - $33.33 Rate
2-5 Copies5% Discount
6-10 Copies10% Discount
11-1515% Discount
16-2520% Discount
26-5025% Discount
51-15030% Discount
151-25040% Discount
251+Contact Us

Let's work together to find the right pricing for you.

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